Subject: Re: XF86 4.x
To: Anthony Mallet <>
From: Bill Squier <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 10/31/2000 21:29:23
On Wed, Nov 01, 2000 at 02:21:38AM +0100, Anthony Mallet wrote:
> Bernd Ernesti wrote :
> | Many people are *anxiously* waiting on XF86 4 to be whipped into shape--and
> | asking people like _me_ (because I am in releng) about its status
> Is there a  document or a mailing list archive I could (should) read so
> that I understand what's the problem in using xf86 4.x with netbsd ? 

There is no problem to use xf86 4.x with NetBSD.  In fact, you can simply
follow the directions on their web page to download the source to xf86-current.

It builds out of the box.

The problem is that xf86 4.x has "desupported" a large number of older cards.
People in the NetBSD community are trying to make sure that we support these
older cards with xf86 3.x, while still allowing xf86 4.x to be used.  The
"whipping into shape" refers to how we're going to bring xf86 4.x into our
CVS repository (so that we can distribute the x*.tgz files just like we do
for 3.x).

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