Subject: white screen
To: None <>
From: Joseph Sarkes <joe@js1.jsnet>
List: tech-x11
Date: 10/20/2000 20:15:51
When I start the X11R6.4 xserver on my system, my other
virtual terminals change to white background with grey
letters. If I kill the xserver and restart it, the background
toggles to black with white letters as it originally was.

Is this an Xserver problem, or some type of wscons trouble?

I have -current running on an asus a7v athlon mb and an ati
rage fury pro graphics card.  BTW, thanks to those that 
helped me track down the troubles with getting x running
on this video card. It is at least useable now, despite the
changes that occur on the text consoles.

Joseph Sarkes