Subject: Re: XFree 4.x
To: Richard Rauch <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: tech-x11
Date: 08/17/2000 08:50:06
On Thu, 17 Aug 2000, Richard Rauch wrote:

> Bringing NetBSD up to XFree86 4.x, I think, might best be done by putting
> it in a package for now.  This way, it would be ``officially available''
> for those who want it, but not forced on everyone prematurely.  
> (Eventually, of course, I would hope to see it in the base distribution.)  

Before that, it might be a good idea to "packagize" NetBSD's X.

Let me back up a minute. The idea is to make packages of _all_ the
distribution sets, so that folks could use pkg_* tools to upgrade
their systems (or sysinstall, their choice). This idea's been
discussed before, and it's generally agreed to except for the details.
Maybe X would be a good place to start?

First question: Do we ever need to install both XFree3.3.6 and 4.x on
the same system at the same time? If binaries built for
NetBSD/XFree3.3.6 run against the new XFree, then I think "no", and
the job is considerably easier. If not, and it's simply because a few
libraries got major version bumps, maybe we'd be better served by an
"XFree3-compat" package.

Next question is how to break it down. I would be inclined to break
out the shared libs from the xbase sets, and go with the same old
names for the remaining sets (xbase, xcomp, xcontrib, xfont, xserver).
Maybe we should have an "xlocal", too? I'm also not sure about the
non-shared libs in xcomp--we don't have anything like that in pkgsrc.