Subject: Re: Some proposed changes to struct wsdisplay_fbinfo
To: None <>
From: Nathan J. Williams <nathanw@MIT.EDU>
List: tech-x11
Date: 04/16/2000 15:10:19
<nathanw@MIT.EDU> (Nathan J. Williams) writes:

> Next, I would like to have some kind of device-type identifier
> fields. This should be able to express such things as "PCI VGA: vendor
> foo, product bar"; "Sun framebuffer: type"; "DEC framebuffer: type,
> subtype", and so on. The values would be taken from a port's fbio.h
> where possible (sparc, sun3, alpha, pmax). I think three integer
> values is enough to encompass this; the first to encode a major type
> (PCI VGA, other VGA, Sun, DEC, etc), the next a product (fbio value
> for Sun and DEC; PCI vendor/product for PCI VGA), and the last any
> product-specific subidentifier (such as TGA model type).
> Exporting the PCI vendor and product code here will also facilitate
> the use of XFree86 code where XFree86 doesn't know how (or shouldn't
> be allowed) to scan the PCI bus itself.

Okay, I'm blind; I missed WSDISPLAYIO_GTYPE, which is this in
spirit. However, it only returns a single integer, and at the moment
it seems pretty limited (can't return any subtype or PCI
identifiers). So, what I suggested should still be useful, but it could
be argued that all of the ID information should be returned by _GTYPE,
rather than _GINFO.

        - Nathan