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Re: text layout in sysinst

On 06.02.2021 20:58, Roland Illig wrote:
On 05.02.2021 21:12, Roland Illig wrote:

when I run sysinst from a boot CD, after pressing Enter 3 times in a
row, I get the screen "You have chosen".  This screen presents a menu.
The items of the menu are indented with 16 characters (probably 2 tabs)
relative to the surrounding text.

What is the magic happening here that I didn't get?

Found it.  It's a bug in libcurses, introduced somewhere between NetBSD
8.0 and NetBSD-9.99.80.


     for (const char *p = "\taddch\n"; *p != '\0'; p++)

These two pieces of code are supposed to indent the text at the same
position, and on NetBSD 8.0 they do, but not on NetBSD-9.99.80.

I suspect that in _cursesi_addwchar, the line "(*x)++;" is wrong.  I'll
add a test for demonstrating and fixing this.

Fixed it.

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