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Re: getrandom and getentropy

> That issue is why I'm not really happy about the getentropy API: it
> was originally defined to never block, and some systems have made it
> block for reasons that don't really mean very much.
> This is an argument for providing just getrandom -- the API contract
> is is clearer and doesn't require long detailed messages summarizing
> research into exactly what the blocking criteria are and what the
> practical consequences for them are.

From the perspective of someone who isn't well versed on the topic of
randomness and seeding, getentropy shouts "use me! I'm good!" and
getrandom starts scare-mongering you about how various things are
insecure, you should learn about seeding, here's 3 options.

I still don't find the getrandom man page you provided to be good, it
talks about "/dev/random behaviour" which is something you've changed to
not have this behaviour.

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