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terminus font set for netbsd

recent changes to font set available in NetBSD gave me motivation for
finishing some of my projects. Gallery of current available fonts was
one[1] and there is second: conversion of venerable Terminus[2] fonts 
for NetBSD console.

Terminus Font is licensed under the SIL Open Font License (but "Terminus
Font" name is restricted for original font author, as far as I understood 
conditions). I'm not sure that in *.h files should be added annotation
that "this is a small subset based on original work".

Diff against vanilla -current tree is available under [3], set of 
options is available here: [4] (kernel built with all of them grows
about a 1MB) and gallery made from selected fonts is available here[5].
Of course, root directory is browseable if someone wants individual

Created subset is byte-to-byte compatible with classic NetBSD font,
so code page is IBN cp437 (although in VT100-compatible terminal
only small subset of box-characters[8] is available). Why cp437 and
not ISO? Because of nostalgia and I think that localised fonts shouldn't
be built into kernel but instead available from /usr/share/wscons/fonts/
directory (binary output format is on my TODO list).

Conversion was made by my own, quick-made tool, that is available
from here[7].

I hope this will be useful to someone.

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Piotr 'aniou' Meyer

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