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Re: More compatibility for refuse

I'm merely upset that the people who are currently calling for librefuse
to be deleted ignore all the complaints about things being dysfunctional
until the very moment I decide to do something about librefuse, because
I didn't pick their preferred way of doing things.
(Even now, nobody seems to care that libfuse actually did not work in

librefuse is matching the newer FUSE APIs. it's not matching the older.
The filesystems want the older high-level API. Or like ntfs-3g they
mysteriously have duplicate code to use the lowlevel API. That can be
avoided and still provide NTFS functionality (but no configure way to do

Anyway, w/o a compat fuse_mount for <3.0 it won't work (but does build).
I didn't write one yet. But that's all it takes.

We should provide a package with just the parts of ntfs-3g only using
the high level FUSE API because other FUSE libraries also don't provide
the low level API (like openbsd).

I don't particularly care about FUSE, or NTFS.

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