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Re: find and limits

The problem is that it's trying to install a file on top of itself!

Because it found a file in the work dir

On Sat, 6 Apr 2019, wrote:

On Sat, Apr 06, 2019 at 03:18:10PM +0700, Robert Elz wrote:
    Date:        Sat, 6 Apr 2019 07:02:34 +0000
    Message-ID:  <20190406070234.GA5694%SDF.ORG@localhost>

  | Thanks. I committed that.
  | I'm slightly horrified by this being the problem.

I hope it was tested ... I don't often install fonts.   As I said
while it looked to be doing the wrong thing, I cannot explain the
mechanism by which it caused a write error in install (doesn't help
that I am not sure where the sources for that command live!)


The command failing is, for urbanrenewal-ttf,

$ make patch
$ mkdir -p work/.destdir/usr/pkg/share/fonts/X11/TTF/
$ install work/Athene.ttf work/.destdir/usr/pkg/share/fonts/X11/TTF/
$ install work/.destdir/usr/pkg/share/fonts/X11/TTF/Athene.ttf work/.destdir/usr/pkg/share/fonts/X11/TTF/
install: work/.destdir/usr/pkg/share/fonts/X11/TTF//Athene.ttf: write: Invalid argument is a few days old :-) no worries of breaking a lot of stuff.


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