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SHA384_Update symbol clash with libgs

I'm not sure at which level this needs to be dealt with.

libgs, in its infinite wisdom, exports SHA384_Update, which of course clashes 
with OpenSSL's well known symbol of the same name. Which means that as soon as 
you pull in libgs, your TLS may fail in mysterious ways.

[In my case, it was php-ldap failing to StartTLS because OpenSSL's 
tls1_setup_key_block() failed. It took three working days (including two 
stepping through OpenSSL code) to pinpoint that. libgs was pulled in via 

Apart from a GS rendering library exporting symbol with the name of a 
well-known crypto function being a strange idea, who is at fault? Why does 
libssl's reference to SHA384_Update gets resolved to libgs's symbol and not 

Any workaround to make the code work?

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