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Re: Remove dhclient(8) from base

On 21/06/2018 18:22, Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:
Roy Marples <> wrote:

Could dhcpcd behave as dhclient when argv{0] is dhclient? That way
we could hardlink dhclient to dhcpcd and remove it while no user
would get surprised by the change.

That wouldn't be great. At lot of installations would use the -cf option
to specify a configuration file of which dhcpcd's is totally different.

Then send an error message if -cf is present.

I immagine not being able to just fire dhclient with no arguments on an
install media: that would be rather annoying if I did not know about the
alternative yet: no man page, no internet connexion.

I'm pretty certain dhclient has been absent from install media for sometime now. It's just too big for a lot of arch's.


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