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Re: Changing basename(3) and dirname(3) for future posix compatibility

> there might be NetBSD applications currently which are assuming 
> that the input string is not modified by these functions
I'd be heavily surprised if that change wouldn't break half (OK, 10%) 
the consumers, either because they call both functions on the same path
argument or because they continue to use the path argument (if only for
debug output).
Has anyone scanned NetBSD's (or pkgsrc's) codebase for such uses?
What does Windo^WLinu^Wglibc do?

> which would have a '\0' dumped on top of a '/' when needed
> (which can happen with both basename and dirname).
Is this becasuse the basename of "C:\Program Files\Important\" is defined 
to be "Important" sans slash -- err, of "/etc/pam.d/" to be "pam.d"?

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