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Re: FYI: POSIX update - SIGWINCH and 'struct winsize' (etc) to be added

On Oct 22, 11:04am, kre%munnari.OZ.AU@localhost (Robert Elz) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: FYI: POSIX update - SIGWINCH and 'struct winsize' (etc) to be

| Yes, you mentioned that one yesterday, that is certainly a possibility,
| though it does mean that apps that include <sys/ttycom.h> (most likely
| indirectly because of including <sys/ioctl.h>) have to have _NETBSD_SOURCE
| defined if they are to access struct ptmget or any of the ioctl opcodes
| (things like TIOCEXCL, TIOCGPGRP, ...) which would be a new requirement.

Yes, and they should (have that defined) since this header is really part
of the implementation and should not be included directlty for portability

| Maybe that doesn't matter (or not much), as it is very rare (I think) to
| ever see anything compiled on NetBSD without _NETBSD_SOURCE being defined
| (isn't it?) and what happens for compiles not on NeBSD isn't relevant for
| this discussion (nothing is affecting that.)

That's right.
| So, is that correct?   If so, this (move the #ifdef _NETBSD_SOURCE) is clearly
| the best solution.   But if we need to keep compat with old sources that
| are compiled without _NETBSD_SOURCE and do any tty ioctl type stuff at all,
| then it simply would not work.

I think it is certainly the easiest and most minimum impact solution.


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