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Re: gethostbyname_r

On 06.10.2017 18:37, Taylor R Campbell wrote:
> We have a definition of the symbol gethostbyname_r in libc.  It is
> problematic because:
> 1. It is not compatible with the glibc definition of the symbol.
> 2. It is not declared anywhere in a header file we install.
> So autoconf will detect that the symbol exists, a C compiler with
> -Wno-error will invent a bogus implicit declaration for the symbol,
> and there will be mysterious run-time misbheaviour because the calling
> code doesn't match the expectations of the gethostbyname_r definition.
> As far as I can tell, it has *never* been possible to legitimately use
> our gethostbyname_r symbol.  The above scenario has already caused
> trouble in various pkgsrc packages.  See, for example,
> <>.
> Can we remove gethostbyname_r now, before the mythical libc bump?
> Since it has never been possible to use the symbol legitimately, any
> application that *would* break if we removed it is *already* broken.
> The only difference is that if we remove the symbol from libc, then we
> get an immediate report that the application is broken, instead of
> mysterious run-time misbehaviour some time in the future.
> The same goes for the symbols:
> endhostent_r
> gethostbyaddr_r
> gethostbyname2_r
> gethostbyname_r
> gethostent_r
> sethostent_r

There is a possible hack solution with a shim-library.

1. Add a light version of libc in /lib/ (and put it to
2. Remove from this shim library all the code to make it light.
3. Keep SONAME to real
4. Users will dynamically open the proper library at DT_NEEDED.

GCC developers pointed me to this example script:

Basically we run "readelf -Ws /lib/" and generate from this table
a shim library with removed unwanted symbols.

This way we remove new users on link-time, and keep compat for run-time
ones. No symbol versioning is needed.

This approach can be used to prepare for major bump and removal of
legacy interfaces like bcmp(3), strtoq(3) etc.

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