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dealing with hmac(3)

After some discussion on irc today the following tentative plan's been
floated for addressing hmac(3):

1. Give it its own hmac.h; this is consistent with the way each hash
function currently has its own header file. Remove it from stdlib.h,
where it causes name conflicts and namespace pollution.

2. Pull this change up to -8.

3. Going forward, create a new crypthash.h, and have it include all
the hash function headers (hmac.h, md5.h, sha1.h, rmd160.h, etc etc)
and document all the latter as deprecated. That is, going forward the
official interface for all of these will be <crypthash.h>. Add new
hash functions (and things related to hash functions, like hmac) only
to this file.

4. Sometime in the suitably distant future, like after -10 is out,
remove all the individual hash function headers.


The other non-awful idea is to move hmac(3) to util.h, but then we get
to live with the wart that it appears in util.h but lives in libc.
(Until we do the mythical libc major bump, but don't hold your

David A. Holland

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