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Including tools from DTrace toolkit in base

We ship NetBSD builds with DTrace enabled by default on the ports which
support it.
Any objection to including some of the very useful tools from the DTrace
toolkit which we have in src/external/cddl/dtracetoolkit/dist as part of
base as standard?

Not only are they very useful system tools to have available as standard
but they are great demonstration pieces.

The tools I'm thinking of specifically are
dtruss - a DTrace version of truss.
execsnoop - snoop process execution as it occurs.
opensnoop - snoop file opens as they occur.
errinfo - report on syscall failures and print errno error messages.
procsystime - print process system call time details.

There are others in mind but at present do not function on NetBSD (for
example iosnoop which prints disk I/O events as they happen ).


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