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Re: Default PAGER -> less

On 10.09.2017 17:55, wrote:
> hi greg,
> your use case will be unaffected.
> when we create a new user, we populate the home dir with some dotfiles.
> it'd be nice if they were good dotfiles. you can always replace them,
> and these changes won't affect existing users.
> I agree it would be nice if they were the 'actual defaults' rather than
> 'configuration default', but changing the configure default is tougher
> as it will affect existing users.
> I do use the default dotfiles, that's why I care about them strongly.

It would be nice to support MANPAGER that will overshadow PAGER in our

Can we go a different route and prepare a first-timer man-page that is
advertised in motd(5)?

We could put there notes about pkgsrc, pkgin, EDITOR, PAGER, networking,
wifi etc.

There are similar projects with desktop distros like Mageia:

This mageia-welcome is webkit + python. In our current use-case it will
be fine to have the man-page for now.

I'm a volunteer to prepare a draft.

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