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Makeing MKBSDTAR=yes the default

Hi all,
as ${SUBJECT} says, I want to make bsdtar the default tar and cpio
implementation. As there is no libarchive frontend for pax (yet),
/bin/pax remains as is. The primary change is that /bin/tar and
/bin/cpio would no longer be hard links to /bin/pax.

  - support for archiving/restore of files larger than 8GB
  - support for long path names in tar archives
  - various other niceties of proper POSIX interchange format

  - larger attack surface by the nature of supporting more (complicated)
    formats in libarchive

The one remaining question would be how to deal with the dependencies,
i.e. link both binaries statically against libarchive and dependencies
OR move the library closure to /lib (libarchive, libbz2, libexpat,


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