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Re: Future shell work - comments reqyuested

Robert Elz <kre%munnari.OZ.AU@localhost> wrote:
 |I have more or less finished work on shell arithmetic, completing the
 |currently missing (not posix required, but allowed) operators, that is
 |the unary ++, -- (prefix & postfix) and the ',' operator.  There's
 |nothing much to say (or ask) about that, but...

A pretty impressive run, if that comment is allowed!

 |Second, the -i (iinteractive) flag to sh is handled quite strangely on
 |the command line.    After the shell has started it can be turned on or
 |off at will (doing so is not often an intelligent thing to do, but it
 |does have some uses.)   But on the command line, unlike all other options,
 |it cannot simply be set - the shell deduces it is interactive when input
 |is from stdin, and stdin and stdout are ttys, and -i can be set, but only
 |in conjunction with -s.

I think the standard says IN and ERR rather than IN and OUT for
this condition?!  One more problem i cannot handle in my MUA
(currently, for the upcoming release), which unfortunately uses IN
and OUT for that purpose.  My console library used out and err, in
fact it seems i never understood why this should be in and err,
i think i thought use cases like "< template prog" to start into
interactive mode should be valid.

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