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Re: <sys/user.h> removal

I don't think there is any real advantage to removing the file,
breaking existing software that #includes it, for no particular reason
other than some idea of cleanliness. It just makes it harder and
harder for software to support NetBSD (not that there is a lot of
software including <sys/user.h> as far as I know).

Make the include file empty, sure. But removing it breaks 3rd party
software needlessly, and perhaps not commensurate with our market share.


Kamil Rytarowski <> wrote on Sat, 10 Jun 2017
at 14:27:19 +0200 in <>:

> I propose to drop <sys/user.h> in the early phase of 8.99.x. There is
> already no maintained release that uses this header in a correct way.
> <sys/user.h> is dead since 2011 (pre-6.0 times), killing traditional
> uarea began long time ago at least in 1995 when mycroft killed PT_READ_U
> and PT_WRITE_U.

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