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Re: [RFC] dhcp and crunchgen(1)

In article <>,
Emmanuel Dreyfus  <> wrote:
>Binaries from src/external/bsd/dhcp cannot be easily folded into a 
>crunchgen(1) binary, because libdhcp.a uses callbacks with the same
>function names for dhclient, dhcrealy, dhcpd, and omshell. 
>The offending symbols are classify, check_collection, dhcp, dhcpv6, bootp,
>find_class, parse_allow_deny, and dhcp_set_control_state,
>Below is a patch that change each program to define and register an 
>array of callbacks at main() start, that lets libdhcp.a to callback
>using registered pointers, and the programs can now go through crunchgen(1).
>I know DHCP is 3rd party software. I would appreciate opinions on the
>approach before submitting upsream.

Yes, looks like this is a good way to do it.


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