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Re: sbin/gpt usage

In article <>,
Aymeric Vincent  <> wrote:
>while trying to understand why gpt(8) didn't work under Linux, I
>discovered that it accepts two different usages:
>gpt <device> <options> <command> <options>
>gpt <options> <command> <options> <device>
>The latter being the one documented in the manpage for ~ever. However,
>in the code, the decision to use it is conditioned by the name of the
>program being exactly "gpt". As this is not the case when built as a
>host tool by ("nbgpt"), the new UEFI makefiles use the former
>syntax, and are probably broken if run in a environment.

There is some work involved to make gpt compile on, so
I don't think it is an issue.

>I plan to remove support for the apparently never documented former
>syntax and update the UEFI makefile's accordingly, unless someone
>remembers why it should remain and on which condition it should be
>enabled: the default should be the documented syntax.

I was trying to make it more symmetric with the other *ctl commands
without breaking existing usage:

gpt [<global-options>] device <command> [<command-options>]


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