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Aw: Re: curses: Home key sends 0x162 in tmux (Christos Zoulas) wrote:

> Hmm, it works for me (gives 0x106). Also I could not reproduce your other

It is a snaphot from 4 days ago

NetBSD 7.99.42 (GENERIC.201611250700Z) amd64

the default base compiler

$ cc --version
cc (nb1 20160606) 5.4.0

I have no special compiler setup (hence the missing ASAN symbols in the other mail).

I start a xterm (where it correctly gives 0x106), then a tmux with TERM=screen, there I get 0x162.  Except pkgsrc I did not compile any software, so every component (xterm, tmux, cc, curses) is already in the base binary.
> ASAN/vs/no-ASAN issue. Is that current on amd64? What terminal?

Same system.  Here the bug is in xterm already, tmux is not needed.  TERM=xterm.  Locale is:

$ locale

I have no idea why this can't be reproduced.  Until Friday I did work with a snapshot from September 30 which had the same behaviour.


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