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Environment settings not taken into account by (portable) bmake(1)?(!)


I am currently fixing the build system of the MUA i maintain
because the portable version of bmake looses CFLAGS (and LDFLAGS
i think) from the environment.  I currently have no NetBSD (my
main machine died last year, my used one is small and
resource-restricted), but unlikely that this bug has been
introduced for the portable version?

  ?0[steffen@wales ]$ pacman -Si bmake
  Repository      : community
  Name            : bmake
  Version         : 20160926-1
  Description     : Portable version of the NetBSD 'make' build tool
  Architecture    : x86_64
  URL             :

This diff fixes the issue for me.

-   if ${make} -f ${makefile} XINCS="${INCS}" ./${tmp}.o &&
+   if ${make} -f ${makefile} CFLAGS="${CFLAGS}" LDFLAGS="${LDFLAGS}" XINCS="${INCS}" ./${tmp}.o &&

Here $makefile is a very small file with inference rules and the
entire construct in a shell script?
Have a nice weekend, ciao.


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