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Re: updates?

In article <>,
Charles Cui  <> wrote:

>> yes, but where does the ksiginfo get freed now since you removed:
>> -               ksiginfo_free(ksi);     /* XXXSMP */
>well, the original logic only finds one target signal and return true, at
>that time ksi is pointing to some data,
>in my case, I need to loop all signals to return the count, and at the end
>of the loop, ksi is set to be NULL.

Ok, there are multiple ksi entries for the same signal in the loop. Each
invocation returns the count of them and pops the first one and returns
the count. Setting it to NULL does not free the data, you need to free
the data for the ksiginfo you freed. If you keep running the code you
should see signal memory accumulate.


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