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Re: List of Keywords for apropos(1) Which Should Not be Stemmed

It would also be good to have an option to not stem at all (for a lookup, and
I assume that would mean building two databases for the search, one with
words stemmed, and one with just the words as they appear.)

I know that often when I do a search, the reason is that I remember some
phrase from a man page I read in the past, but don't remember which man
page I read it in ... when I do a search like that, I want to look for
exactly what I recall reading, so if, for example, I remember "compare 
directories" or something like that, and I search for "directories" I want
to see only entries that exactly match that, and I do not want to get told
of some man page just because it has "directory" in it.

I also don't mind doing two or three searches with slightly different
keys, if I don't find what I am looking for on the first (or second)
attempt.   That's usually far better than being overwhelmed with dozens
(or hundreds) of matches that are "kind of like" what I was looking for
in the expectation that one of them will be what I really wanted - if I
have to send the output of "man -k" through grep, I consider that a failure...


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