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In article <>,
Kamil Rytarowski  <> wrote:
>On 08.06.2016 09:09, Martin Husemann wrote:
>> Maybe a minor nit:
>>         case _SC_THREAD_STACK_MIN: 
>> -               return _getpagesize();
>> +               return PTHREAD_STACK_MIN;
>> I would make that the max() of the two values, and also do the same for
>> the EINVAL test in libpthread. Machines with > 8k pages do exist.
>> Also I am still not convinced we should have this symbol, as my reading
>> of the standard is that our current state is perfectly fine.
>> However, MINSIGSTKSZ is wrong on those machines too, so maybe ignore for
>> now (or mark with XXX comments)?
>> Martin
>The point is to abstract this work to determine minimal stack size from
>3rd party software.
>Is defining it as per-port value correct?

What should we do with that? Is this patch ok?


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