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2016-06-14 14:14 GMT-07:00 Christos Zoulas <>:

> On Jun 14,  1:29pm, (Charles Cui) wrote:
> -- Subject: Re: _SC_SIGQUEUE_MAX
> | 1. add unit tests for ad's work to make sure it works well.
> | 2. may add some changes according to your comments on PTHREAD_STACK_MIN.
> Yes, and for me is to post my diffs of your changes.
> I think we should hold both the code and the data changes for the pshared
> stuff until we have them. Perhaps I will ifdef it out.
One thing I guess you can commit is   pthread_condattr_getclock and it's
man pages.
Actually it does not related with ad's patch but is included in the ad's
working porting patch (I did the modification of
this function from code review and ad's work simultaneously.)
The other thing is about PTHREAD_STACK_MIN, do you think we should go to
arch dependent way?

> christos

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