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Re: timers related

On Jun 3,  5:01pm, (Charles Cui) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: timers related

| Yes, sure. I will finish it as soon as possible.
| And will let you know if I encounter new problems.

Yes, and for all the other patches... For example adding _SC_SEM_NSEMS_MAX
should also be documented, etc; see:

$ man -k _SC_PHYS_PAGES
sysconf (3)       get configurable system variables
...3) and getpwuid_r(3) . _SC_NPROCESSORS_CONF The number of processors configured. _SC_NPROCESSORS_ONLN The number of processors online (capable of running processes). _SC_PHYS_PAGES The amount of physical memory on the system in _SC_PAGESIZE bytes. _SC_TIMER_MAX The number of timers available for timer_create...

I will hold on committing the rest until you add the documentation, since
it would be good to have the docs in the same commit as the addition.



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