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Re: pthread library related

On May 18,  3:40pm, (Charles Cui) wrote:
-- Subject: pthread library related

| Hi guys,
|    I spent some time on pthread libraries in netbsd which is a big part in
| my project, and have some questions to ask.
| Taking pthread_barrierattr_getpshared, pthread_barrierattr_setpshared
| as an example. These functions  are used to getting and setting barrierattr
| data structure. netbsd has several fields in the data structure, while
| freebsd has the only pshared field. I am wondering which fields in the
| implementation of netbsd can be used as pshare in netbsd?
| Following are definitions of netbsd vs freebsd, the same problems exist in
| mutexattr, condattr and rwlockattr. Also are there any documents which
| describe implementation details in netbsd? It would be great if we have.

You can see how FreeBSD is implementing them; it is a lot of code to do
this and would require some architectural review. The relevant files are:

We don't have such mutex functionality in our kernel. Implementing this
would be a GSoC project in itself.


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