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On Sat, May 14, 2016 at 10:48:23PM -0700, Charles Cui wrote:
> Hi Guys,
>    I have attached a patch which is used to expose SIGRTMIN and SIGRTMAX to
> user land. This will remove a lot of errors related with those macros in
> posix test benchmark (  Comments are
> welcomed. Besides this mail list, I believe it would be useful to also send
> to netbsd kernel mail list, I am wondering which list is the good place to
> review this patch?

Please do not cross-post to several mailing lists. In this case actually
tech-kern@ might be a good place to ask, but it is not clear, so we can
just continue discussion here.

I don't think exposing the bounds to userland is enough to fix the issue,
we need to check that we have all parts implemented for 

	2.4.2 Realtime Signal Generation and Delivery

and we don't, see "man 3 sigevent" and search for SIGEV_THREAD.

So this is a non-trivial fix (Christos would know better how hard it actually
is to implement), and a good step for your project would be to examine the
current state and write a PR describing the bits we are missing.

Then either, as you go along with other stuff, somebody (Christos?),
will fill the missing parts, or in the end this part will (for now) stay


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