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Re: refine of the GSOC project

On May 7,  8:57pm, (Charles Cui) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: refine of the GSOC project

| Hi Christos,
|    I found the reason of _SC_TIMER_MAX not being found.
| Other functions that netbsd already provided but not found should have
| the same reason.
| Although I compiled the kernel myself (verified by uname), I found the
| header files in /usr/include/sys/unistd.h is not updated.  After I
| copied the header file in
| kernel source into /usr/include/sys/unistd.h manually, it works.
| But I am wondering why a kernel build does not copy headers into the
| system folders?
| To update kernel faster, what I did was
| cd /usr/src; ./ -U -O /usr/obj -j8  kernel=<my kenrel name>
| after building, I copy netbsd file into /.
| Are there best practices to install header files? (copy sys headers
| from kernel source into system path)
| I found online that there is a command "make includes"
| when I executed it in the kernel source /usr/src/sys, it promotes some errors.
| By the way, thanks Matthew for letting me know, I
| already used it.

You need to make a full build. Doing partial builds is a recipe for trouble.


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