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Re: Translate signal to C++ exception

In article <>, Kamil Rytarowski  <> wrote:
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>I'm stuck with .Net porting to NetBSD, with the need to throw C++
>exceptions from a signal handler (SIGSEGV).
>I have found similar use-case in gcc/libjava and freebsd (dummy?) code
>there. It was abstracted into a segvcatch library (wip/segvcatch).
>I'm failing to make it work on NetBSD (release 7.0). This blocks me
>from porting dotnet stack.
>Thank you in advance,
>I'm aware of the danger of this approach, for now I need to make it
>just work. I cannot rewrite the dotnet code to use atomics etc.

The java case if very limited and specialized; it won't even work
properly in all cases.

The only right way to do this is to do all the unwinding after you 
sigreturn()/setcontext() from the signal handler (since calling free()
is illegal from a signal handler).


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