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Re: Request for feedback: inetd improvements [gsoc 2016]

In article <op.yeo6pas75znmjo@fennec>,
Morgan ``indrora'' Gangwere <> wrote:
>@cristos / world,
>My proposal draft is available:  
>I'd appreciate any feedback which can help rough out any edges seen.

Something missing:
	[FREEBSD-INETD] However, no 
	Whitepsace -> Whitespace
	s/do software/write software/

	- counts should be unsigned/size_t whatever.
	- port should be in_port_t?
	- strings should be const?
	- old/new format: It does not have to be all or nothing.
	  i.e. you can keep the old format compatibility for one
	  release, provide a converter script, and move to the
	  new format. Or you can just have the converter script
	  do it on the fly during startup. For that, the converter
	  script needs to be perfect :-)
	- Does the configuration format need variables? How about
	  whitespace and quoting? Can we use a standard format so
	  we don't need to write a parser?
	- Have you given any thought about user-based configurations?
	- What about administration? Is there need for inetdctl to handle
	  runtime state without restarting? If there can be user-based
	  services, that is probably required at least to install and
	  de-install services.

Otherwise looks good!


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