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Re: Next steps for /bin/sh

> That one relates to what
> 	sh -c 'set -e; false && false; echo foo'
> should do.  [...]
> It is possible the ancient /bin/sh on (some versions of?) Solaris that
> everyone mostly loves to find ways to avoid because it is so ancient might
> be the sole surviving (actually used) shell that does this correctly.
> I don't have access to that one to test it.

I cannot test my SunOS-4 sparc at the moment, but I still actively use
my ultrix-4.4 DECsystem with a comparable [pre-SysV, pre-function()] sh(1):

It does the right thing, i.e. exit before the "echo".

> So, should we change it?    If so, I'll look into what code needs altering.

Yepp, please.

							Martin Neitzel

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