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Re: dbcool, envsys, powerd shutting down my machine

> The chip default is probably around 80'C [#]
The chip default is actually around +127 degC.

> so this lower limit is likely to have been programmed in at boot time.

> so I would guess that this is one of the VRM temperatures 
> (it's too high for ambient/system, and too low for CPU).
According to various sources (sensors.conf distributed by Tyan, value 
correlation with BIOS readings), it's CPU temperature. So the limit should 
be 70 degC.

> You can alter the limits from software
Yes, I'll do that.

> Also, I see that the latest BIOS version appears to be 3.09 - is that the
> version that you have?  There might be fixes for the temperature limits,
> although they're not mentioned in the release notes.
I updated the BIOS and the limit didn't change.

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