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Re: dbcool, envsys, powerd shutting down my machine

> The chip default is probably around 80'C [#],
Ah, thanks!

> so this lower limit is likely to have been programmed in at boot time.

> The chip has an onboard temperature sensor (l_temp) and two remote sensor
> connections (r1_temp, r2_temp).  The "Hardware Health Event Monitoring"
> section of the motherboard manual [+] notes that the temperatures that are
> monitored are System, CPU1 VRM, CPU1, CPU2, and CPU2 VRM, so I would guess
> that this is one of the VRM temperatures (it's too high for ambient/system,
> and too low for CPU).
Depends on whether you're on AMD's virtual degC scale they use for their CPU 
temps or it's real degC's.

Also, if we assume that the dbcool chip controls the CPU fan(s), it makes more 
sense for it to measure the CPU temp than the VRM temp, right?

sysctl hw.dbcool0 gives
hw.dbcool0.l_temp.Tmin = 90
hw.dbcool0.l_temp.Ttherm = 100
hw.dbcool0.l_temp.Thyst = 4
hw.dbcool0.r1_temp.Tmin = 90
hw.dbcool0.r1_temp.Ttherm = 100
hw.dbcool0.r1_temp.Thyst = 4
hw.dbcool0.r2_temp.Tmin = 44
hw.dbcool0.r2_temp.Ttherm = 57
hw.dbcool0.r2_temp.Thyst = 2
hw.dbcool0.fan_ctl_0.behavior = manual
hw.dbcool0.fan_ctl_0.min_duty = 27
hw.dbcool0.fan_ctl_0.cur_duty = 100
hw.dbcool0.fan_ctl_1.behavior = manual
hw.dbcool0.fan_ctl_1.min_duty = 27
hw.dbcool0.fan_ctl_1.cur_duty = 100
hw.dbcool0.fan_ctl_2.behavior = manual
hw.dbcool0.fan_ctl_2.min_duty = 27
hw.dbcool0.fan_ctl_2.cur_duty = 100

but that's with BIOS CPU fan regulation disabled.

> Is there a dbcool1 r2_temp with a similar value and limits?
No dbcool1. But I only have one CPU installed on that board.
The full envstat output is
             Current  CritMax  WarnMax  WarnMin  CritMin  Unit
   l_temp:    34.750                                     degC
  r1_temp:       N/A
  r2_temp:    53.250   54.000                     45.000 degC
     Vccp:     0.006                                         V
      Vcc:     3.326                                         V
   V2dot5:     2.598                                         V
       V5:     5.081                                         V
      V12:    12.203                                         V
     fan1:       N/A
     fan2:       N/A
     fan3:      2869                                      RPM
     fan4:       N/A
      VID:        31        0        0        0        0 none
  VCore A:     0.000                                         V
  VCore B:     1.424                                         V
    +3.3V:     3.440                                         V
      +5V:     5.053                                         V
     +12V:     4.925                                         V
     -12V:    -1.502                                         V
      -5V:    -3.641                                         V
     5VSB:     5.115                                         V
     VBAT:     3.184                                         V
    Temp0:    35.000                                     degC
    Temp1:    35.500                                     degC
    Temp2:    41.500                                     degC
     Fan0:       N/A
     Fan1:      3245                                      RPM
     Fan2:       N/A

> You can alter the limits from software
Yes, of course. I was wondering where that limit came from.

> Also, I see that the latest BIOS version appears to be 3.09 - is that the
> version that you have?
I'll have a look (I will need to physically go there or can I read this from some dmesg or sysctl?).

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