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Re: dbcool, envsys, powerd shutting down my machine

I probably didn't make clear what my main question was.

> However, it does appear that
> is the powerd
> script responsible for such automated shutdown.
Yes, sure.

> For what it's worth, the envsys temperature limits you mention are
> most likely read directly from the chip in question, see
> http://BXR.SU/NetBSD/sys/dev/i2c/dbcool.c#dbcool_get_temp_limits .
Yes. But someone must have put them there. Unless it's a chip default.

> Did you at all try to modify these limits from the userland?
Not yet.

My main question was who (probably) put that 54 degC value into the chip.
My best guess is ``The BIOS'', but it looks strange that it puts 54 degC 
into the critical limit and 57 degC into fan-full-speed.

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