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Re: dtrace by default

   Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2016 14:23:09 -0800
   From: Jeff Rizzo <>

   On 08/20/15 10:52 AM, Taylor R Campbell wrote:
   > I'd like to enable dtrace by default on i386, amd64, and arm -- that
   > is, setting MKDTRACE=yes in make for the userland tools, and enabling
   > options KDTRACE_HOOKS in the kernel for the hooks.
   > [...]
   > Objections?

   This has now (finally) been done.  Userland bits are built for i386, 
   amd64 and earm*, and i386 and amd64 GENERIC have KDTRACE_HOOKS.  I left 
   arm kernels alone for the moment, as that's a little more complicated to 
   get right.

Hooray!  Thanks, Jeff!  Sorry I never got around to doing this after
my threat in August -- my spare time, as my commit logs over the past
few months reveal, has been too limited...

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