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Re: -D_NETBSD_SOURCE makes headers uncompilable

On Fri, Jan 22, 2016 at 02:00:36PM -0500, Christos Zoulas wrote:
 > A few of the traditional BSD origin headers, use u_{char,int,long} which
 > are not defined in <sys/types.h> if _NETBSD_SOURCE is defined. There are
 > four choices:
 > 1. Leave things alone; it's been broken forever and seems harmless. Autoconf
 >    bitches.
 > 2. Fix all the headers to use the full types; intrusive will introduce diffs
 >    with other Unixes and upstreams.

For headers we control, which is most of the ones in the patch, we
should just fix them. I'll do it...

(that means bm.h, ifaddrs.h, kvm.h, link_aout.h, login_cap.h, 
nsswitch.h, AFAIK.)

res_update.h, resolv.h, arpa/inet.h, and arpa/nameser.h are in both
src/include and src/external/bsd/libbind; it appears that for all of
them our version in src/include is the one we're using, and that there
are already substantial diffs relative to the ones in libbind;
therefore I see no reason not to also update the ones in src/include,
but I'll hold off for the moment in case someone wants to argue to the

David A. Holland

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