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Re: build fails with libgnumalloc for evbarm


On 2016/01/15 21:19, Iain Hibbert wrote:
A few years ago I looked at libgnumalloc briefly, and found that

% grep -Ri gnumalloc /usr/src /usr/xsrc

seems to reveal that there are no actual users of libgnumalloc in our
current tree..  the XFree86 and Xorg files disable it for
NetBSD>1.4J, and pkgsrc showed nothing explicitly referring to it.

The README file says

| This is the standalone distribution of GNU malloc.
| GNU malloc is part of the GNU C Library, but is also distributed
| separately.

but looking at I don't see that the latter is still true, and our
version is very old according to the VERSION file

| this version of GNU malloc was obtained from
| on 9/22/1993.  There was no version noted."

..are there any known uses for this, is it time to remove it?

Also, anyone no longer uses libbsdmalloc.


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