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Re: asn1parse & man warts

> (Why does man write a status message to stderr by default?  It's been
> 20 years since it was true, as the source code says, that "this may
> take awhile".)

Maybe if you're using nothing but amd64 or some such.

I have a manpage (for one of my own programs) that takes some 20
seconds to nroff on my main desktop machine.  (time says "19.3u 0.6s
0:22.10 90.4% 0+0k 87+9io 74pf+0w" in a test I just did.)

I know _I_ appreciate hearing when man has to nroff the page rather
than just regurgitating an already-formatted page.  Perhaps print the
message if some suitable time (a second?) passes and nroff isn't done?

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