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UTF-8 capable fmt(1)

I still use fmt(1), and when I do, I often note that it breaks
non-ASCII chars.

NetBSD contains a fmt(1) that's still from 4.xBSD days (IIUC) and has
basically no comments on what it does nor why.

1997 Gareth McCaughan rewrote it completely; that version is used in
OpenBSD and FreeBSD. Both versions have wide character support
nowadays, but it looks like the FreeBSD version is based on the
OpenBSD one from long ago.

I've replaced the fmt sources and man page in my local tree with the
version from OpenBSD and only had to ifdef out two calls to pledge()
to make it compile without warnings. And it does indeed support wide

I suggest we follow the lead of other and replace our 30 year old fmt
with a 15 year old one :)


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