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Re: ACPICA userland utilities reenable support for NetBSD

In article <trinity-920049ec-4bae-4811-9fed-41891284af81-1425737548363@3capp-mailcom-bs06>,
Kamil Rytarowski <> wrote:
>During an investigation of local ACPI(CA) issues in kernel,
>I had to reenable ACPICA user-land utilities for NetBSD.
>The pkgsrc acpidump found in sysutils/acpica-utils doesn't
>work for me, so I solved it by upgrading to the newest
>version (6 years newer).
>The current version of acpica-utils with NetBSD
>compatibility patches is available in pkgsrc-wip:
>They are available at
>Before upstreaming the changes I will appreciate that
>someone will review it. I confess that my patches are
>reenabling the compilation, rather then fixing some internal
>We have got in the base FreeBSD forked version of acpidump,
>but it happened to be useless for upstream [1].

How big are the patches? If they are not too big, you might as well post
them here...


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