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Re: Cleanup of utilities, upgrade to C99?

"Kamil Rytarowski" <> writes:

> I was looking at the code of our utilities and few things are unclear to me.
> We are struggling for portability of the code, but does it mean that we are
> struggling for being a portable code donor?
> By portable code donor I mean to use the oldest possible C (pre-)standard
> with code variations for e.g. freebsd that was old already in 1996 and
> I can't see the bug in the mentioned libc function in FreeBSD's SVN
> in the initial revision from 1994 (what was their code before that?)
> (memchr(3) usage note in strip_nuls() from ksh/misc.c).

My quick reaction is that rototilling for the sake of modernity when
there is nothing demonstrably wrong isn't a good idea.  But things may
be messy enough that there is some safety to be gained.

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