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Re: Binary packages on NetBSD: Importing pkg(8) from FreeBSD?

I feel like I'm missing something, because it seems like you are saying
all of the following, some of which are contradictory.

  pkg(8) is like pkgin/nih
  pkg(8) replaces pkg_*
  pkg(8) is complementary to pkg_* and is optional
  pkg(8) needs some bootstrap mechanism (which pkgin doesn't really)

In pkgsrc we seem to have evolved a situation where the basic package
tools enable creating packages from source and adding and remove single
packages (with simple fetch-and-install dependency management), and then
there are two package managers that can be used on top of the basic

So certainly pkg(8) could be added as a third binary package manager, as
a package in pkgsrc.   But if the existing tools are going to stay
(which seems clear, at least in the near term), then I don't understand
why pkg(8) needs a bootstrap mechanism.

There's a perhaps larger question, which is if there's a specification
for both the package format itself and the control files stored in
/var/db/pkg; I get the impression pkg(8) manipulates those directly and
is thus a replacement for the union of pkg_* and pkgin/nih.

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