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Re: Web UI for NPF

On 02/08/14 21:31, Christian Koch wrote:

   Third try.  Just noticed that Thunderbird thinks that Christian's
posts are using an "unknown" 8-bit encoding.  Apparently rather than to
inform me in a way which was clear and obvious, it instead sent out
empty emails.  Quite a fantastic feature, I must say.

> On Sat, Aug 02, 2014 at 06:36:20PM +0200, Jan Danielsson wrote:
>> Hello,
>>    Is anyone working on this?
> Yes, I have taken a stab at this project.

   I noticed that after I sent the original message, and I was about to
mail you when I say your reply.

> I decided that this web app should work from a base NetBSD installation -- 
> that
> means Lua and bozohttpd. (Or a web app written in C!) I've written some Lua
> libraries to facilitate this, but I haven't had much time to actually crack 
> down
> on it for a while.

   This is very much in line with what I was thinking; making something
which will run from base, without any dependencies on pkgsrc, for the
basic/core functionality.

> The "Cadet" code is the most interesting part. In fact, I'm on my way to
> reviving Cadet and making it better.
> I've also written some prototypes in Ruby... there's not much to look at, but
> I'd be willing to share it with you. *AND* I've taken a stab at making Lua
> bindings for npf(3).
> All this code is hanging around somewhere on my laptop, let me know if you 
> want
> to see it and I'll dig it out for you.

   I am definitely interested.

Kind Regards,

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