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Re: qsort_r

> Is just casting the function pointers safe in C

No.  As soon as you call through a pointer to the wrong type you're off
in nasal demon territory.  (Loosely put; I'd have to look up the exact
wording - there is a little wiggle room, but, if I've understood the
subject of the discussion correctly, not enough.)

> (well in NetBSD)?  (with the calling conventions that Unix
> effectively requires)

How does "Unix" (to the extent that there is a single such thing)
restrict the compiler-and-machine's calling conventions?

If you can find me a description of what NetBSD assumes beyond what C
promises, I can have a stab at answering that question.  (I know a few
of the things, such as "there is an exactly-8-bit type", but I feel
fairly sure I don't know them all; I'm even now still discovering such
things occasionally.)

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