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Re: How Unix manages processes in userland

On Dec 8,  9:03pm, David Holland wrote:
} On Sun, Dec 08, 2013 at 01:54:21AM -0800, John Nemeth wrote:
}  > } Heh - you know, you are close to describing the Solaris SMF (service
}  > } management facility)...
}  > 
}  >      If we're serious about service management, then something like
}  > that, or a similar facility from another OS is most likely what we
}  > need.  Using something that already exists, if a suitable one can
}  > be found, would probably be a good thing.
}  > 
}  >      In the above, I didn't even get into the issue of dependencies.
}  >   [...]
}  >      Doing service management properly can quickly get quite complex,
}  > which is a good reason to use something that already exists [...]
} Given the infrastructure we already have (for dependencies and other
} things), trying to splice in third party code is not a good idea.

     What infrastructure?  We don't do service management.  Our
rc.d startup code does not count as service management.

}-- End of excerpt from David Holland

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