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Re: toor shell: /rescue/sh?

Am 05.12.13 20:43, schrieb Mouse:
>> Of course, that means that those shells should be listed in
>> /etc/shells.
> Actually, /etc/shells should be scrapped.


> As far as I can tell, it was invented to close the "chsh with newlines
> in the shell name" hole, then got co-opted as a "this is/isn't a
> general-purpose user" flag.  It isn't a good solution to either of
> those problems; the API to it, which is what programs (as oppsoed to
> admins) see, is broken even worse, both in fundamental design (overload
> the shell as a "is/isn't a general-purpose account" flag) and detailed
> design (the interface should have been "is this shell OK?", not "give
> me a list of the OK shells", since the latter works only when the list
> is small and easily enumerable, thus making it infeasible to, for
> example, allow an admin to configure "any shell owned by root is OK",
> _even by replacing the implementation_).  It's also broken
> philosophically, in that it breaks the "the shell is just another
> program" paradigm Unix had previously always had.
> Perpetuating the mistake will not make it any less of a mistake.
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